Recycling Program
The Northern Village of Beauval now offers Single-Stream Recycling to household residents.
Our hope is to reduce waste at our landfill and encourage recycling to lessen the impact on our environment.  With the assistance of Shkopich Enviro, we are able to offer this recycling program to the community.   
We encourage residents of Beauval to utilize different colour bags to identify the contents as 'recyclable.'  If you would like, you may also bring your recycling to the 3 blue bins located outside the BDI Community Gymnasium.

Information on Recycling
What is Single Stream Recycling?
To put it simply:
  • One Bin
  • No sorting
  • No separating
 So long as the acceptable items listed below are not contaminated with food, grease, toxic chemicals, etc. the items can be placed in the bin as in - there is also no need to bag!  (Although bagging is easier to pick up if you are placing it in your garbage bin on recycling days for pick-up).
What can I recycle?
Most household paper and cardboard can be recycled.  As a general rule of thumb - if you can rip it, you can recycle it.  However, it is important to note the following exceptions:
  • No food contaminated paper or cardboard (ex. Fast Food Containers w/Food)
  • No Waxed or Plasticized Paper
  • No soiled diapers
  • No soiled kleenex, toilet paper, napkins, or paper towels.
It is important to note that cardboard egg cartons CAN be recycled - but not if they are contaminated.  Do not placed cracked egg shells back into the carton - this will avoid contaminating the carton. 
Anything found to be contaminated with food items will be disposed of and not recycled.
#1 - #7 PLASTICS
If you look on the plastic container and it has the recycle symbol with one the number 1 through 7 in it - it can be recycled.  However, like Papers and Cardboard these are the following exceptions:
  • No Food Contaminated Plastics (ex. Take Out Bakery Container)
  • No Plastic Toys, Tupperware, or other plastics without the 1-7 symbol.
  • No motor oil containers.
  • No Styrofoam of any kind - even if it has the recycle symbol on it.  This particular program cannot recycle Styrofoam.
 Tin and Aluminum
It is important to wash the tin or aluminum container of any food debris once you have opened it.  Do this before tossing it into the recycling bins as to not also contaminate paper/cardboard & plastics.
  •  The label can be kept on the tin can as long as it is not soaked with juices from the container - otherwise remove the label and rinse the container.
  • No Needles.
  • No tin or aluminum based furniture - small items only (as seen on picture above).
NEITHER IS STYROFOAM (Even if it has a recycle symbol)